Our Property Maintenance and Renovations Team

The team at AAS Property Maintenance and Renovations share a passion for property. We believe great customer service is key to delivering exceptional outcomes for our customers and is a precursor to our own success.

Value for Money and Customisation

Todays homes are an expression of our tastes, preferred styles and the lifestyle we wish to live. It’s imperative that your home is a place that caters to your needs and an environment where family and friends can relax, get together, work and play. A home renovation can help you achieve the layout and design best suited to do all of this and more.

Home renovations require expert touch to ensure that the available space is utilised effectively and efficiently to maximise your enjoyment. AAS Maintenance and Renovations offers full-service design and project management renovation services that ensure all aspects of your home renovation are looked after, with one point of contact for all your needs.


Outdoor Patio Designs and renovation in Palmyra, Perth

August 20, 2019
By AAS Renovations Perth

A young couple in Palmrya, Perth got in touch with the AAS Renovations team about renovating their back yard, including patio and outdoor design. Our design team spent the first three weeks of the job designing and planning the project, before landing on a Bali inspired concept to reflect the couples love of the island. […]

kitchen after renovation

Apartment Renovation on a Budget | East Perth Renovation

July 15, 2019
By AAS Renovations Perth

Crisp Apartment Renovation On A Budget. Small apartments are usually bought for investment purposes or by first home buyers. This very small East Perth apartment was transformed within 10 days on a shoe string budget. The goal being to increase the appeal to future tenants and hopefully add some value after the apartment renovation was […]

Cost to widen doorway and wall modification for Occupational Therapist

June 28, 2019
By AAS Renovations Perth

This project was requested by one of AAS Renovations partner occupational therapists at Fiona Stanley Hospital. The works required our team to: modify the doorway to the toilet (blocking in the current entrance from the laundry and creating a doorway parallel to the hallway entrance); and widen the bathroom doorway on the ensuite side. The […]