Kitchen Renovations in Kardinya

October 1, 2021


By AAS Renovations Perth

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It all started when a young family wanted a dishwasher to survive a toddler and a newborn on the way. However, their 1980s kitchen was not set up to accommodate any space for a dishwasher. 

The family’s 1980s green L-shaped laminate benchtop was ready for retirement. The brick wall kitchen was a 1980s parting gift that had seen better days. The pantry shelves and cabinets were on their last legs. All kitchen appliances were screaming for an update. Lighting in the kitchen was begging to be replaced as the kitchen does get quite dark on dreary winter days.

Our AAS design team worked with the family for months to birth a new vision for a functional and modern kitchen, fully fitted with a coveted dishwasher. We worked around obstetrician appointments and COVID restrictions to turn their dream kitchen into a reality.

We gutted the kitchen fully, leaving no trace of the previous decades behind. We also built a small extension to tuck in the fridge and offer more space to the cooktop, with pull-out cabinets.

Our team then installed glossy white laminate kitchen cabinets, drawers and a pantry, resulting in light bouncing off them and making the kitchen look bigger. Storage space was made abundant and the pantry was no longer a giant mess of bottles, jars and packets.

Our electrician helped with getting more light in the kitchen to fight the dark days, and also helped with other jobs like moving the internet modem, changing the old halogen lights to LED lights in the entire house and installing sensor lights in the bedroom hallway.

Our plumber helped with the gas connections, including fitting the cooktop and oven, and the infamous dishwasher.

The family experienced a slight hiccup with their kitchen floors as they had only just installed laminate flooring throughout the house a couple of years ago. Even though our team was meticulous and didn’t damage their floors through the renovation, the installation of the new cabinets left gaps in the floor exposing the concrete floors. Our team managed to fix these gaps at 1/4th of the cost that the family was quoted by an external company. Needless to say, the family were floored by the efforts of our team.

After we completed the renovations, we cleaned up and left the house as tidy as possible. The family was excited to start using their new kitchen, especially as it came with extra space at an affordable price tag and also a dishwasher!