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Concrete Suppliers in Perth - Concrete Repairs and Concrete Cancer Repairs

AAS are leading concrete suppliers in Perth who also offer structural repair services to commercial and residential buildings. We work with strata companies, property managers and private clients to provide professional investigation and evaluation services prior to recommending a solution. With every problem, AAS identifies the cause of concrete defects to ensure the right product is selected to resolve the issue.

With such in-depth knowledge about concrete and the issues that can arise, you can trust in AAS’ ability to deliver exceptional concrete repairs in Perth.

Concrete Cracking Repair

As AAS provides concrete repairs in Perth, we’re experts at detecting common issues such as concrete cracking. Concrete begins to crack when corrosion occurs to the reinforcing steel within the concrete. This cracking will continue to grow if left unattended and can lead to the surrounding concrete to spall.

As with all property maintenance, the best solution is prevention. AAS assists with inspections and early detection to stop corrosion and prevent structural damage to the concrete and building. We then inject the affected area with low viscosity epoxy-based resin, which seals the steel from water and moisture, to prevent corrosion and restore the structural integrity of the concrete.

Concrete Cancer Perth

AAS also caters to concrete cancer repairs in Perth. The telltale sign of concrete cancer, also known as concrete spalling, is when the steel reinforcing within a concrete slab becomes visible and rusts. Once the steel is exposed to weather conditions, it can expand up to 7 times its original size. This, in turn, causes the exterior concrete to become displaced and flaky until it eventually starts falling away.

Signs to watch out for:

  • Concrete that is flaking or cracking (concrete spalling).
  • Concrete render that is bubbling.
  • Water leaks from a concrete roof or internal concrete walls.
  • Also Concrete that has rust stains which appear to be leaking out from within the concrete.

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