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Perth Ceiling Repairs and Ceiling Fixers

AAS provides top quality ceiling repairs in Perth. As a testament to our broad capabilities, AAS can fix, repair and replace all types of damaged ceilings; from cracking to water damaged to collapsed or sagging ceilings.

It always pays to keep an eye on your ceiling. While visible damage is hard to miss, it’s even more important to identify the early, less noticeable signs of damage. Acting on this will greatly help prevent serious deterioration and the need for costly repair and replacement costs.

There can be a number of signs which suggest your ceiling may be suffering from damage. Common things to look out for include general wear and tear due to age, water damage from roof leak, staining from humidity, peeling paint, discolouration, cracks and bowed ceilings. At its worst, these issues can lead to ceiling collapse if left unattended. Moulding ceilings is another hazard to look out for; if detected, it is a problem that is integral to fix, due to the health issues that mould can cause.

Thankfully, if you have concerns about your ceiling or you have detected damage, AAS conducts an efficient process that can diagnose the issue and find the best solution. Our process always starts with leak identification and rectification. This is then followed by patch, fill or replacement and total finish through a complete paint job. We can also provide any necessary electrical services to disconnect and reconnect lighting.

As reputable ceiling fixers in Perth, there’s no damage we can’t reactify, no matter how severe it may be. Upon engaging with our expert ceiling repairs team, AAS will have your ceiling looking as good as new in no time at all.

Our Ceiling Repair Services

  • Water Leak Identification

  • Patching

  • Colour Matched Painting

  • Lifts/Clamps

  • Crack Repairs

  • Colour Matched Painting

  • Entire Ceiling Replacement

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