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Are you looking to buy and renovate your first home? Would you like a free property report? Or do you want to make changes to your much loved abode? Whether you want to start life as a new homeowner on the right foot, accommodate for a growing family, assist aging needs or increase your chances for a high resale further down the line, there are many reasons for making changes to your property. However, we recognise that achieving your perfect home can seem totally out of reach when finances are hard to come by and having your credit card foot the bill is a daunting prospect.

Thankfully, your perfect home doesn’t have to remain a pipe dream forever. AAS Renovations is a proud partner of Surrey Road Finance, a local Perth based mortgage broking firm that provides tailored home loan solutions for homeowners. Their goal is to be the trusted advisor to their clients for the provision of strategic finance and property advice.

If you’re after a home loan, Surrey Road Finance makes the process less daunting by guiding you through the types of loans available, how much you’re able to borrow and the repayment amounts while keeping your intentions to renovate in mind.

If you’re after a refinance option, Surrey Road Finance will work hard to find you a loan with lower interest rates or fees than your existing loan, saving you money that can be put towards renovations and improving the value of your home.

No matter what you’re after, Surrey Road Finance will take your budget constraints, the types of home renovations you want and your goals into consideration to find the right solution.

To have someone from the Surrey Road Finance team get in touch, leave an enquiry by filling out the form below. You can also receive a property report, free of charge.

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