Fence Installation and Repair

July 8, 2017


By AAS Renovations Perth

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Fence repairs can be a headache but don’t always need to be. We provide a professional repair/replacement service and will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you and your neighbour want.

new fence installed image

Why would you need a new fence?

Weather is your fences biggest enemy, years of heavy rain, freezing cold mornings, baking hot summers and strong winds will weaken it over time. All it takes is an especially gusty morning to take it down. Be sure to check your fence for damage as small “easy fix issues” can eventually lead to expensive repairs.

Who is responsible for its repair?

This is highly dependant on your situation, in some cases you and your neighbour will have to work together and in others it will be left to the strata/home owner. In all cases remember that both you and your neighbour will look at this fence everyday.


new fence installed image

What kind of material is best?

No material reigns supreme and all have different perks. Woods such as Jarrah can look wonderful in the right settings. ColourBond is renowned for lasting long periods of time without showing signs of wear. Talk with your neighbour and consider what you both would like to get installed.

Additional costs you may not have considered.

Was your previous fence made up of asbestos? If so we will need to send out a licenced professional to dispose of it. Furthermore if there is a ground level difference between the two properties, we will need to install “Retaining Plinths” to hold back any soil run off.