5 Tips for a Successful Modern Office Fit Out

May 13, 2019


By AAS Renovations Perth

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The modern office should be an inspiring yet practical space that helps nurture productivity, morale and the ideas of your employees. But there are a lot of practicalities you must consider.
When you commence the design and build process for your new office fit out, be sure to follow this 5 step guide to ensure a successful outcome that will benefit you and your employees.

Step 1 – Create and communicate the vision

Founder or management alignment is the single most important factor in the successful rollout of the project. Misalignment or miscommunication can lead to expensive problems down the track (not what you want!). Set the boundaries and budget around the project. Consider a list of mandatory project inclusions and a selection of wish list items, should they fall within the budget.

Step 2 – Design for Future Business Requirements

Upon completing your agreed list of inclusions and wish list, engage in a robust design process to prototype your ideas. It sounds like overkill because you know what you want right? Chances are you don’t. The same way you refer to a professional dentist for your teeth or an accountant for your tax, trust the opinion of a qualified design consultant. They will inform you of the blind spots in your plan and find opportunities to improve the design and scheme of the project. This doesn’t always mean more expense; in fact, a good designer will save you money!
Plan Office Design Renovation

Step 3 – Plan Ahead for Disruptive Renovation Works

Timing is everything in business. If you’re prepared and plan well in advance, you can take advantage of other lack of preparation by booking contractors in times that suit your business. Christmas break, Easter and long weekends are all great opportunities to execute a fit out process. With good design and planning, you can avoid the worst case scenario of office-wide disruption where staff are displaced or working from home. Believe it or not, a lot of contractors work through these holiday periods and can be highly effective without people in the office, saving money and time on site.

Step 4 – Choose a Quality Builder and Renovate with Confidence

Pick a builder with a good understanding of design and positive track record of execution and safe building practices. Your contractor needs to understand the vision you have in mind; when there are those 50 / 50 calls to make about grout colour, lighting placement, data points or material decisions, they’ll help you make decisions that fall on your side of the fence. Don’t forget, you will be working with your builder onsite every day, so a transparent and reliable contractor who you have a good relationship with is crucial to delivering on your vision.

Step 5 – Focus on Detail and the Finishing Touch

Be vigilant throughout the process, from beginning right until the end, to execute a brilliant result. It’s easy to get excited when walls are erected or the carpet is installed, so much so that you think the rest of the process will be a breeze. It’s important to remember that the quality of the final details is what you’ll notice the most. Grout colour, exposed vs concealed fixings, painted skirting boards and more are all the features that you and your employees will see for months and years to come. Don’t be afraid to push your contractor in the final few days of fit off and clean up to ensure these details are up to standard.

At AAS, we’re committed to delivering exceptional customer service to ensure high-quality outcomes. With each design and build, we guide our clients through the above steps for peace of mind. For an example of what were capable of, see our full home renovation in White Gum Valley.
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